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Platform shift
Platform shift

 Foto: Arild Moen
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 Foto: Arild Moen
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 Foto: Arild Moen
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This is Teatret Vårt

Teatret Vårt has since 1972 been one of Norway’s most well respected and influential regional theatres. As a state funded theatre, we aim to produce modern often new written Norwegian or European drama or classics in an attempt to take social responsibility in the modern Norwegian society. We are the regional anchor point of telling stories reflecting regional identity as well as a window towards Europe and a showcase for theatre as art form. In addition to our regular program at our stages in Molde and Ålesund, we also tour the region of Møre and Romsdal on the northwest coast of Norway.

In 2009, as a result of our work with children and youth, we were granted the funds to open our department  that is now producing exclusively for children and youth. The department is situated at our stage at Arbeideren; which is a Jugend-style  building in Ålesund.

In 2012 our offices and stage in Molde moved into a new theatre. We now reside in an architectonical regional landmark, where we coexist with 4 of the most important cultural institutions in the region; the communal library, the Regional Centre for Artists, Bjørnsonfestivalen; the Norwegian Festival for International Literature and Molde International Jazz Festival.